The Devil called DOWRY

Dowry“Ding Dong. Ding Dong. Ding Dong” went the bell 3 times in succession. I jumped to my feet and rushed to open the door of my PG. The air was full of excitement for I was expecting my roomie to return with good news that would change his life forever for the better. I opened the door and one look at him and I knew the deal was sealed. His face had that rare smile and his eyes radiated the happiness of having acquired a treasure trove for the rest of his life. In short, he had got ENGAGED!

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Ganesha – The bestower of Riddhi and Siddhi

The air is vibrant with festive chants of “Ganapati Bappa Morya” and Ganesha Pandals set-up in every other nook of street lending an air of divinity to the atmosphere. I step out of my house in Chennai and proceed to the nearby Ganesha temple to have a communion with the Elephant-headed God. Outside, the streets are full of cheer. Beautiful mud idols of Ganesha painted in Golden are being sold everywhere along with colourful toy windmills. In my mind I think about the various names Ganesha has and how he’s worshipped the first amongst all the Gods at the start of any auspicious task. Even in Ramcharit Manas, the first doha that Tulsidasji wrote goes: Continue reading “Ganesha – The bestower of Riddhi and Siddhi”