Unposted Letter – An Awesome Book

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.12.36 pmI’ve a reading buddy who often enlightens me about the must-read books. In one of our conversations, she mentioned about ‘Unposted Letter‘. That made me realize that I did have that book but it was a while since I had read it. I had last read the book in early 2013 but somehow it had remained in shadows under the effect of its more illustrious cousin ‘Most and More‘. This time I thought to read ‘Unposted Letter’ sans any preconceived notions or expectations and found it truly outstanding

There’s a very famous quote by Sir Francis Bacon: ‘Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly’. Unposted Letter falls in the last category and like any spiritual book, it needs to be read, reflected upon, inculcated, re-read, re-reflected and re-inculcated. The beauty about this book is it contains simple yet amazing lessons, which, if implemented sincerely, will transform and uplift your life in ways beyond your imagination. I’ve read 2 books – ‘Most and More’ and ‘Unposted Letter’ by ‘The Voice Ra‘ and I found 2 distinct features in his books:

1. They help you to see things with a different and a wonderful perspective. For e.g in any conflict we tend to see who’s right and who’s wrong however at times, the need of the hour is not right or wrong but ‘a mature mind’ that can accept differences as a way of life and manage the situation/conflict.

2. These books teach the same principles as one’s scriptures teach but they are so beautifully simplified and explained in such a lucid way that it goes straight inside one’s subconscious. Therein lies the true power of the author. He has an innate ability to demystify the most complex wisdom in the simplest of forms.

The writings in this book can be easily digested by the current twitter generation. Almost every relationship – father and son, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, brother and sister, husband and wife is discussed in this book. Open any page and the answer is seeking the reader.

The author strikes an instant chord when he says “If you are happy in life right now, it’s not because everything about your life is necessarily going right, but because a relationship that really matters to you the most is going great“. Beautiful, isn’t it?

A few quotes that I personally love:

‘Get ahead of people. Do not get even with them.’

‘People feel your love not by what you are with them but by what they can be with you.’

‘You make history when you have a cause that inspires you to wake up every morning a little early and keeps you awake a little late and fills every minute in between with the depths of passion.’

‘There’s as much room as your heart can conceive, as much room as your mind can believe, as much room as your attitude towards life. The only word that can befit life is ‘More’.

‘Success is failure delayed and failure is success delayed. Neither is failure final nor is success permanent’.

As someone said, the difference between you now and five years later is in the quality of the books you’ve read and ‘Unposted Letter’ will definitely help you discover your Mojo.

Let me conclude with one more quote from the book:

‘Even if no one believes in you, you got to believe in yourself.
Even if no one believes you can, you got to believe you can.
You’ll believe in yourself only when you learn to love yourself.

So, even if no one loves you, you got to love yourself.
In fact, only when you learn to love yourself, the world will begin to love you.

All-in-all, how the world sees you will make only a small difference to you,
but how you see yourself will make all the difference to you.

Go, lose yourself in this book and re-discover yourself!

7 thoughts on “Unposted Letter – An Awesome Book

  1. Kunal Paturkar

    Right you’re, Sandeep. I’ve been through few chapters and it seems that the lessons will definitely help us become refulgent as sun. Also, I would like to appreciate your work. Amazing writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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