A Cusp of Love

Mother Care

I happen to have a wonderful friend in Bombay (let’s call her X) with whom I share a good camaraderie. Over a casual talk wherein she was talking about the friends in her group, she mentioned a couple. She went on to say that they are so much in love as if their love is evergreen. Recently the guy’s parents who were staying with them relocated to their native place and so his wife does feel ‘lonely‘ at times but he makes it up by giving her all the love he can and that she means the world to him. As someone who deeply believes in love and loyalty, I was truly elated to hear this and I couldn’t help asking:

Me (with curiosity): Are they Newly Married??

X: Nah. They’ve been married for more than 5 years! And yet his love and respect for her are still intact!

Me (dumbstruck): That’s just awesome! Rarely do I get to hear such amazing stories in real life.

X: Yes, truly made for each other.

Me: And do they have kid(s)? How old?

X: None. They’ve no kids 😦

I felt truly sorry hearing this and now the word ‘lonely’ instantly made sense.

Me: I feel really sorry for them. But …

X: Yes?

Me: But I pray they adopt a child rather than going for fertility stuff and all.

X: Well, even I feel the same. Unfortunately, his parents are bit hesitant to adopt.

Me: I don’t want to sound judgemental, but I never understand why can’t one adopt and give a life to someone rather than go through the pain of visiting fertility clinics. When such a simple solution exists why go for a complicated one?

X: I totally agree.

This chance conversation set me thinking. As a society, why do most people insist on having children from their ‘OWN’ blood only? Why can’t we relate to someone by just ‘LOVE’? Hundreds and Thousands of ‘OWN’ children have driven their parents’ out of their homes in their old age and yet most people still crave for own children and are willing to go to any extent to have one, including going under the knife.

On the other hand, how wonderful it is to adopt and give a life to someone. How divine it is to make someone smile and fill the void in their life with happiness., thereby filling the void in your life too. The hand that hasn’t been held, the heart that hasn’t been loved, the cheek that hasn’t been cusped – all it needs is a cusp of love. How does it matter whether it came from your blood or someone else’s blood? A human being is a human being after all. In times of disaster and calamities, it’s the unknown hand that saves one more than the ‘blood-related’ hand. One of the most worshipped gods in Hindu mythology – Lord Krishna – was brought up by foster parents who treated him like his own son. All that matters in life is – LOVE and CHARACTER. These are the basic building blocks and if these are set right – then caste, creed, dynasty, blood – nothing matters. Any person with right values and outstanding character instilled in childhood will grow up to be a remarkable person irrespective of whether he is bought up by own or foster parents.

As someone who truly believes in stopping female foeticide, there’s nothing so worthwhile as giving life to a little one who has no one!

Image Courtesy: http://www.orissapost.com/adopting-better-adoption-rules/

12 thoughts on “A Cusp of Love

  1. Priya

    Completely Agree Brother!! On these things, if the couple has same thoughts then they should go ahead with this decision, listening to the society or parents and then could not proceed with the decision is just giving useless reasons…..Same goes with dowry for marriage….spending too much money for useless formalities and stuffs

    We cant change everything and every one as we wish and we cant force our parents to change themselves…
    But Marriage , Child adoption are purely upto the couple…don’t have to listen to anybody else to take the decision.[DOT]

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  2. Vidya Suri

    Revolutionary thoughts take, one thought at a time taken by a simple commoner. Begin, even if there is no future hope for it becoming a viral choice. Thought by itself gathers moment to actualization.

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  3. Anusha Narasimhan

    Yet another beautiful post Sandeep. When some people are suggested to adopt, they immediately wonder about the origin of the child. When they don’t think of all humans as equal, they cling on to their own blood and don’t want to adopt. This ridiculous notion has to go.

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  4. Love the way you started it..very well written..👏👏I was stuck to the title..how did you ever come up with such an amazing one… cusp…💗…
    I agree with you but what do you say of a society where in a well educated person…a learned teacher hires a maid based on her caste..same caste so ok, she can work in our home..😕do you think such learned and educated people will be ok with adopting children when they think soo much just to hire a maid..
    There are few wonderful souls who have adopted but sadly in our present day India..you do find such a thought very rare..
    Overall a thought rendering good post👍

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