Airlift – The one you forgot…

AirliftThe one you forgot, HE kept remembering you…

It was hard for me to get this ending song – Tu Bhoola Jise out of my mind. It stayed for a long while after the ‘Airlift’ movie got over and it still buzzes in my head now and then.

After watching the 4.25 pm show of Irudhi Suttru that was fascinatingly entertaining and inspiring with the unpredictable Madhi and delectable Madhavan, I was all set to see Airlift at 7.25 pm. Continue reading “Airlift – The one you forgot…”

In Quest Of

26 tiny letters form the entire English Language. Tiny drops of water maketh an ocean. One fine Sunday morning, when I got up seeing the golden-yellow sun, tiny words bobbed up in my head. They were so hazy I couldn’t make it out except that they referred to a poem… a poem I had had in my Hindi textbook in Class 9! In vain did I try to recollect the words of the poem. All I knew was the poem was a poet’s tryst ‘In Search of God’. A long time passed but I still nurtured a tiny hope of finding that poem.

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