Thoughts on Baahubali 2

Baahubali_the_ConclusionSo I went to watch “Baahubali 2, The conclusion” yesterday. Before you groan and say “Nooooo..Enough of Baahubali. East, West, North and South – everyone seems to be talking of it only. Heck, some women are every sporting BB sarees!!”, let me tell you that I am not another BB fan. What’s more – I must be the only one to NOT have watched part 1, “Baahubali: The Beginning“. I relocated to the city of Pune 2 weeks ago and this was my first movie in Pune. The last movie I watched in theatre was – “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold story” at the famed Palazzo cinemas in Chennai. Continue reading “Thoughts on Baahubali 2”

A Vanilla Scoop of Goodness!

Saturday night. 12.20 am. I had just finished creating a batch file to automate a few tasks in my laptop. I was feeling bored and didn’t know what to do. Mom was sleeping and so was Grandma. Dad was in train enroute to Chennai.

Sleep, my inner conscious said.

No. I was feeling too bored to even sleep. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those who loves to sleep, although I do sleep at lot 😛 Continue reading “A Vanilla Scoop of Goodness!”

Airlift – The one you forgot…

AirliftThe one you forgot, HE kept remembering you…

It was hard for me to get this ending song – Tu Bhoola Jise out of my mind. It stayed for a long while after the ‘Airlift’ movie got over and it still buzzes in my head now and then.

After watching the 4.25 pm show of Irudhi Suttru that was fascinatingly entertaining and inspiring with the unpredictable Madhi and delectable Madhavan, I was all set to see Airlift at 7.25 pm. Continue reading “Airlift – The one you forgot…”

Irudhi Suttru – Arise, Awake and Stop Not!

Irudhi_suttruIt had been months since I went to a theatre and I very badly wanted to see these 2 movies – one ‘Irudhi Suttru‘ coz it resembled my long-time favorite “Chak De” and another ‘Airlift‘. As I winded up my work yesterday at 3 pm, I thought to dash to the theatre and see these 2 movies back to back – something I had never done before.

I reached the theatre just minutes before the 4.25 pm show of Irudhi Suttru and ran to the booking counter. This was also the first time I went to a theatre without pre-booking. Continue reading “Irudhi Suttru – Arise, Awake and Stop Not!”