Forgive this Selfish Son

Dear_Mom.jpgThis is a Gujarati poem that I read on the backside of Tithi Toran Calendar way back during my engineering days and had memorized it. This poem reflects the son that I’ve been to my mom – forgetting her when I was happy and remembering her when I was heart-broken. Needless to say, I’ve been terribly selfish.
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Coffee with Writer’s Block

A chance conversation on the Writer’s Block aka Ribo:

One fine Sunday evening during a casual chit-chat with a writer buddy (say X), the conversation went like:

Me: Just cleaner?? 😥 after all those edits all you can say is just ‘CLEANER’. I’ll punch your nose, Brutus! 😉

X: Pardon my writer’s block. Couldn’t think of a better word at the time of typing 😂 Continue reading “Coffee with Writer’s Block”

The Myth of Habit!

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-9-47-37-pmHow does one form a habit? I have a terribly bad habit of getting up late and have been trying since long to form a habit of sleeping early and getting up early but in vain. I thought that if I could get up early around 5 am, not only would I get time for a morning jog, but I could also jot down a-post-per-day right in the morning itself. I felt this would give me a wonderful feel-good feeling since writing is something I deeply crave for from within. Continue reading “The Myth of Habit!”

Musings from an Indian Railway Train

The lush green fields, the square-shaped ponds, the picturesque mountains, the sky-blue sky, the cool-fresh air – as I cuddle up in the loving arms of mother nature and its matchless beauty, it lifts my spirits, brightens my mood, cheers my soul and I start humming a tune while standing on the door of my 3-AC compartment aboard the Howrah Mail, enroute to Calcutta, the city of Joy. Continue reading “Musings from an Indian Railway Train”