The Love of my Life – Part 2

I sit in front of the pyre with waves of fire lashing out at my face punctuated by the crackling sound of bones. A zillion emotions surface and submerge. Anger. Desperation. Piercing Pain. Guilt. Tears. A million ifs and buts spring and disappear. I hold my head in hands and try hard to free myself of all these but in vain. I wish the flames of fire would come and engulf me in its arms, uniting me with her forever. Together in life. Together after life. How ironical life is! The face i so often kissed, the soft cheeks I so often cupped – were being burnt by the very same hands that held it once. How cruel can life be! Gentle hands caress my shoulders. A voice told me ‘This is the very place where Lord Sri Krishna attained Moksha. Do not grieve, Son. She lived her life in full being loved by one and all and living to see her great-grandson. Pray for her Moksha, Son. Pray for her liberation. Peace’.
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The Love of my Life – Part 1

As I hurried across the hall to collect my bag and run to office, she waved her hands enthusiastically at me and smiled that smile. That smile, which would always brighten up my heart. That smile, which would fire up a zillion sparks of happiness within me. That smile which would pause me from running the rat race marathon. That smile which would conjure up Ganga and Yamuna of love flowing from my heart. That smile which radiated divinity and innocence. That smile which made me feel God had come to me in her form. I ran to hug her and my kiss meant for her cheek landed right on her lips – the kiss of love! Continue reading “The Love of my Life – Part 1”

Coffee with Writer’s Block

A chance conversation on the Writer’s Block aka Ribo:

One fine Sunday evening during a casual chit-chat with a writer buddy (say X), the conversation went like:

Me: Just cleaner?? 😥 after all those edits all you can say is just ‘CLEANER’. I’ll punch your nose, Brutus! 😉

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The Myth of Habit!

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-9-47-37-pmHow does one form a habit? I have a terribly bad habit of getting up late and have been trying since long to form a habit of sleeping early and getting up early but in vain. I thought that if I could get up early around 5 am, not only would I get time for a morning jog, but I could also jot down a-post-per-day right in the morning itself. I felt this would give me a wonderful feel-good feeling since writing is something I deeply crave for from within. Continue reading “The Myth of Habit!”

This Day, That Year!

chennai_floods_dec_157N/6D – Sounds like a perfect honeymoon package. Doesn’t it? Except that in this case, there’s no honey but only candles and moon. In reality, it’s the time duration for which electricity was cut in our area during the deluge called Chennai Floods. Yes, a full 7 nights and 6 days save for a couple of hours. As rains lashed the city of Chennai today morning, my mind travelled back to that fateful day exactly a year back, when the city was flooded in ways beyond imagination. Continue reading “This Day, That Year!”