A trip to Tirumala!

Tirupathi-Balaji“Sandy… Sandy… Sandy…” sounds woke me up from my post-lunch reverie. I turned left to face my colleague Ganesh who looked at me with ascetic-like eyes.

“Yes?” I smiled back still dazzled by the look of calmness in his eyes.

“My family and I are going to Tirupati tomorrow night. Would you like to join us please?” Continue reading “A trip to Tirumala!”

Indelible Imprints

In the precinct of my bed, lies a tiny bookshelf.

Within it sits a book of yore with yellowish-colored pages.

This is the book that I turn to when I’m low and down

This is the book that I feel gratitude for when I’m up and in Zone Continue reading “Indelible Imprints”